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The Kept Girl by Kim Cooper (Kindle ebook)

The Kept Girl by Kim Cooper (Kindle ebook)

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Product Information: This is the Kindle/mobi format edition. The ebook is also available in PDF or epub format; just email with your format preference when you order. The digital file will be delivered to you via downloadable link sent by a real person, quickly but not instantly. If you can't wait, visit Amazon.

About the Book: A mystery novel inspired by a sensational real-life Los Angeles cult murder spree which exploded into the public consciousness when fraud charges were filed against the cult's leaders in 1929.

The victim was the nephew of oil company president Joseph Dabney, Raymond Chandler's boss. In the novel, Chandler, still several years away from publishing his first short story, is one of three amateur detectives who uncover the ghastly truth about the Great Eleven cult over one frenetic week.

Informed by the author's extensive research into the literary, spiritual, criminal and architectural history of Southern California, The Kept Girl is a terrifying noir love story, set against the backdrop of a glittering pre-crash metropolis.

Also available as a paperback and in a deluxe edition in art deco wraps, which can be personally inscribed or signed on request. 

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