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Scram #1

Scram #1

$ 200.00

Very, very, very, very (did we say very?) rare. Our first, photocopied issue is a time capsule of the 1992 San Francisco scene, with a Psycho Ceramic cover by Andrice Arp. Scram #1 features interviews with The Muffs and 8 Ball Scratch (featuring a pre-Trashwomen Elka Zolot), Scott Walker, Shonen Knife, S.F. Seals, Dictators, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Dwarves, Cosmic Psychos, Zip Code Rapists, The Loud Family, Icky Boyfriends, Urge Overkill, Sandra Berhard and more.  Postpaid price below is for US or Canadian customers only. If you live elsewhere, cost is higher, please email to arrange payment.

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